5 Car Noises That Require Immediate Attention

There are many different noises that beg your attention when you hear them coming out of your car. If you don’t address them quickly, your car may be permanently damaged or even destroyed. The following are five of these noises.

Grinding or Squealing Brakes

If this happens, your brake pads or shoes might be worn down. There may be the insufficient thickness in your brake pads to stop the metal components from coming into contact with one another. If you intervene early on, it may only be necessary to replace the pads. However, if you let it go for longer, this can lead to brake failure, which can be very unsafe.

Chirping or Hissing Engine

If your engine is making these sounds, the engine could be overheated, engine fluid could be leaking, or the catalytic converter or exhaust system could be plugged. Hissing could also mean a leaking vacuum. Chirping could indicate damage to the timing or serpentine belt in the engine. These are issues that need to be addressed right away if you notice these noises.


If there is a rattling noise, your car wheels may not be properly attached to your car. There may be damage to a part of the steering column or a low-power steering fluid. These problems could make it harder to operate your vehicle, which could be dangerous.

Exhaust Pops and Rumbling

If you accelerate and hear a rumble, you could have a hole in your muffler. This can lead to the leaking of dangerous fumes into the passenger compartment of the car. Popping noises could signal leaks in the fuel injector, which could waste fuel or lead to engine damage.

Whirring Acceleration

If you hear whirring when your car speeds up, this could indicate a lack of lubricant on the parts, a faulty torque converter, or worn-out universal joints. In addition, there are multiple rotating belts in your car, which can crack or stretch. If you make sure to check this noise when you first hear it happen, it can prevent severe issues in the future.

Noises can really indicate problems within your vehicle. They can tell you what actions you need to take to fix your car as well, so you should listen when your car is trying to tell you something.

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