How Often Do I Need A Timing Belt Replacement?

When you own a vehicle, it is essential to keep up with the routine maintenance on it. Therefore, you should know when and how to keep up with these components of the car. If you own an automobile, you need to know a bit about the timing belt and when to change it.

What is a Timing Belt and Why is it Used?

There are many purposes of a timing belt. Some include keeping the crankshaft and cam rotating. It also is charged with keeping the valves of the engine opening and closing. This will allow fuel to come into and go out of the engine. The main purpose of the timing belt is to coordinate the engine’s functions.

When You Should Replace Your Car’s Timing Belt

Typically, there are no warning signs that the vehicle’s timing belt is becoming worn. It is, however, an essential part of the maintenance to keep the car running at its prime, to replace this belt as needed. You do not want to wait for the timing belt to just break before you replace it. That could leave you stranded on the road. Many automobile manufacturers recommend that you replace the timing belt every 60- 100 thousand miles. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will give you a better idea of when to replace the timing belt.

Of course, you can wait until the belt breaks to replace it. It is, however, much more cost-effective and a bit safer to replace the belt every 60-100 thousand miles. If you wait until it breaks, you may find yourself replacing other parts of the vehicle. That is, you might find that once it breaks your engine components do not rotate as they should even with a new timing belt on the car. So, it can be more cost-efficient to replace it before it breaks.

Does your car have between 60 and 100 thousand miles on it? Do bring it to our automotive repair shop to have our licensed mechanics replace it. If you need the belt replaced, do not hesitate to come today.

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