How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter

Driving in the winter weather needs good preparation. The season brings a variety of weather extremes such as heavy snow, fog, and freezing temperatures, which make it the most challenging season to be on the road. For a better driving experience, it’s vital that you prepare your car in advance. Below are 5 basic things you can do:

Check Your Tire Tread

Tire tread grips the road to keep the car from sliding/ slipping, and for this reason, they need to be deep enough. Shallow tread grooves make it hard for you to control the vehicle because it will keep losing traction. For safe driving, have the treads checked regularly, particularly before winter, because the road conditions are worse then.

Replace the Wiper Blades

It’s good that you get fresh wiper blades to take you through winter. It is never enough that they are still in good working condition. One thing you should know is that the wiper blades will start degrading as soon as the ice accumulates on the glass. Getting new wiper blades installed just before winter sets in is the best decision you can make, plus they won’t cost you much!

Is the Heater Working?

The last thing you want to see malfunction in winter is your car’s heater. It is better to have your A/C malfunction in winter than have your car’s heater die in winter. A functioning heater makes it easy to start the vehicle, thus reducing wear on the engine. It helps remove the ice and fog that build up on your windshield, reduces toxic emissions, and improves your comfort, among other benefits. It is crucial that you have your heater up and running even if you don’t plan to cover long distances because you don’t know how long you can get stuck in your car during that short distance.

Fix The Lights

We heavily rely on good lighting when driving in winter. Because of the harsh weather, the roads are never clear. Darkness also sets in early, and as such, you need your lights working well during the day and at night. Check the headlights, parking lights, turn indicators, side repeater lamps, tail lights, reversing lamps, emergency warning flashes, and brake lights. Make sure you fix any that is not working.

Have The Battery Checked

The freezing winter temperatures easily affect the functioning of your car’s batteries. Let a professional inspect it for you in advance—professionals have equipment that accurately checks batteries. A problematic battery in summer is definitely a dead one in winter.

Are you wondering where to take your vehicle for a detailed and professional inspection before winter? Bring it to D&E Auto Care today. We know how best to get it ready for the tough season ahead!

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