My Check Engine Light Just Came On – Now What?

When you see the check engine light, many things will run through your mind. Although the light notifies you of a possible engine malfunction, it is often difficult to determine the extent of damage the defect may cause.

Why You Should Never Ignore Your Check Engine Light

illuminated on our dashboards is often the main channel to interact with your vehicle engine systems. This intuitive feature sends you a warning once the car’s onboard computer detects a deviation from normal function. The monitoring system may send a car engine check light signals for the following reasons; however, the list is not limited to the listed malfunctions.

When the Check Engine Light Comes On

The check engine light remains among the most misunderstood symbols on the car dashboard. It may signal a wide array of malfunctions; therefore, it is critical to visit your mechanic to determine its causes and potentially prevent further damage or losses. The check engine light comes on for the following reasons:

  • The gas cap may be loose
  • Your car’s oxygen sensor may be malfunctioning
  • Your spark plug may be faulty
  • The wires to the spark plug may be faulty
  • The mass airflow sensor may have malfunctioned
  • Thermostat issues
  • Your car’s catalytic converter failure
  • Defects from an aftermarket alarm

What Do You Do if Your Check Engine Light is on

Without professional help from an experienced mechanic, it may be difficult for you to know what the check engine light truly means. The light could indicate various engine problems that require a professional diagnosis to identify. However, you can begin with simple corrective measures inclusive of the following:

  • Tightening the gas caps
  • Replacing the oxygen sensor
  • Replacing the catalytic converter
  • Replacing spark plugs
  • Replacing the mass airflow sensor

However, If the light turns off, visit your mechanic for a check engine light inspection. Your technician will conduct a wide range of diagnostic tests to detect the exact problem triggering your engine check light. Depending on the test’s outcome, your mechanic will recommend an accurate repair to correct the underlying issue.

Fix Your Check Engine Light Today

If you need professional check engine light repair from a qualified and reputable mechanic team, call us or visit our repair auto shop with your vehicle today!

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