The team at D&E Auto Care is here to help repair and service your vehicle’s air conditioning system. To keep cool during Vancouver summers, we depend on our air conditioning. For over 20 years, we have made sure car owners throughout the communities of Five Corners, Cascade Park, Minnehaha and Vancouver Mall have been able to keep cool. We think of our customers of our second family. We have been serving families throughout Vancouver for many years, and we have seen generations of families pass through our doors. We are fortunate our customers trust us and rely on us for honest and thorough car repair and auto service. We are so grateful for our clients’ honest reviews. Here is a recent 5-star review from one of our clients:

I love this mechanic! They are honest and trustworthy. I come here for my regular oil changes. I recently had my airbag light come on and they told me that I could bring it in to a dealer who would fix it for free as the problem was with my seatbelt which is covered under a lifetime warranty. I also appreciate how they treat women. Highly recommended!!

How do you know if your air conditioning is in need of service? If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, we encourage you to contact us immediately.

  • Blows hot air from the vents, even though you have the dial on cold.
  • The air doesn’t feel as cold as it used to.
  • It randomly blows colder than you indicated.
  • It makes loud noises. We like to think of Convoy Auto Repair as one in a million.

We boast an array of esteemed awards and certifications, the highest quality tools, technology, and equipment, and an unmatchable care and loyalty for our customers. To schedule an appointment at D&E Auto Care for air conditioning service, call us. We are located at 2501 NE 65th Avenue in Vancouver.